A Day in the Life of Van Gogh : An Immersive Light Art Experience

In co-operation with Wijnand van der Horst
1, 2 & 29 november 2013 – Kurokawa Exhibition Wing, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

‘A Day in the Life of Van Gogh’ is a site-specific contemporary light art piece by lighting artist Wijnand van der Horst. An abstract luminous landscape is created within Van Gogh Museum that leads us to associate with the master’s tremendous colourful mind. In search of the immateriality of light, colour dynamics and visual translation of music sensations, Van Der Horst intends to evoke layers of emotions and further challenge our cultivated way of looking at an artwork. The 20-minute choreographed light art piece with soundscape will take audience to experience an immersive journey that connects with the master’s creative mind throughout a day.

Photography: Karel Vogelzang

Adam and Eve
Cherating, Malaysia 2013, +/- 4 x 4m